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Memory of 2010: Jak Japan Matsuri

Jak Japan Matsuri is one of Japan theme events in Indonesia. The other one that being famous is Ennichisai in Blok M area.

I kinda dissapointed with my hobby related event, being too much commercialized every years but give me no benefit at all.

So when Ennichisai is open without barred by the entry ticket, everyone are swarming to Blok M area like a Zerg Rush.

Jak Japan Matsuri 2010

Covid 19 do screwing up many people, including me. Interesting events are no longer being held, and even if the EO got the guts to do it, it will be in limited place, time, and tickets (if any).

Back to this current year, in different place, by the different EO, in the last few months , we got two first major 2022 Drama here.

The first one is an event at Mall of Indonesia where the cosplayer are too crowded and they got to cancel some of their schedule. To make it worst, it seems they also got fined by the government for violating Covid 19 security protocols.

And the second one is an event where “police trained people” or “civil security service” are coming to the venue and barring the event.

Mostly, people are disappointed. But not because of being dissolved, but because the EO decided to not give any refunds. They said, it was fall under force majeure clauses. While, I’ve read a conversation screenshot where one of the EO said something that causing uproar. He/She said, “it’s okay [for getting dissolved], we already gain the profit”

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