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Memory of 2009: Fenomenal Figma

This chicken roll… I mean, Figma Drossel is considered as a fenomebal Figma during the release year.

When one of member start doing photohunting with his Figma Drossel, everyone (including me) start to gain interest with this Figma.

So, I decided to purchase this after waiting for so long because I don’t want to buy the one that being scalped.

This one above, I remember was taken during the dispute between McDonald with our local Franchise holder.
McD decided to breach a contract, so the local McD then rebranded as TonyJack. While the brand is changed, but we all know if this is still a McD.

Few months later, it seems the dispute are settled. TonyJack dissapear, and McD is back.

And this one above, was taken during my stay at the hospital. My late father was hospitalized due to his Diabetes.

As you can see, Drossel if very balanced, she can standing by herself without using any display stand.

This one was taken during rainy day.

I put my camera into a plastic bag, and then take the picture. It was a fun activity.

And this one is my favorite 😀

I miss this experience.

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