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Hololive VTuber Uruha Rushia Got Released For Breaching Her Contract.

I never be an avid viewer of VTuber. I only watch them from clips because I don’t know Japanese Language nor has the time to watch the full stream.

However, I’m well known about Hololive as VTuber agency in Japan, International, and Indonesia.

In Hololive history, there are 3 major releasing event that i know.

HItomi Chris
Being release for breaching the contract, including with the character designer.

Mano Aloe
She was making an oopsie, got suspended by Cover for a while, but was not released/fired. At the same time, she also got a problem IRL, so she is decided to retire.

Kiryu Coco
Doing the usual stuff. West Taiwan was pissed off, keep harassing her, so she decided to just graduate.

And now, Uruha Rushia, is being released because of a contract breach.
This is probably the firs time I’ve read Cover telling what is the problem regarding this case. And indeed this is a serious thing.

Based on Cover’s statement, Rushia is leaking classified data/info and doing/saying something that not correct and hurting Cover’s credibility. For this reason, Cover is decided to release her, without graduation, and her channel and all related will be disabled by the end of the month.

This case does nothing to do with the earlier drama when people got “angry” because of one message from one certain person.
Cover also said that, the company does not interfere with talent’s personal life.

Whatever kind of contract breaching by Rushia, Hololive is seems pretty much angry to her. Since they will disable her channel and remove the entire content right away.

For this reason, Rushia will not have a Goodbye stream or graduate stream. Kinda sad to hear this, but they already made the decision.

Hopefully in the future, Uruha Rushia’s talent will still be able to produce entertaining content, or at least can move on from this case.

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