Memory of 2009: My First Nendoroid

This is Nendoroid Raspberyl, my first Nendoroid. And my first time in spending a lot of money for an original action figure.

This is also my first time to get interested in toys photography. I use my pocket camera to take this photo.

Unlike the current camera that I got, pocket camera is quite problematic to use when you want to take a close range photography. Since most of all features are in automatic, you cannot control the focus, ISO, and Aperture. So I need to use my own creativity to take this picture.

After Raspberyl, second Nendoroid eventually came in. This time, the famous Hatsune Miku. But the background story of Nendoroid Hatsune Miku is kinda…. with accident…

I met with my community friend at UGM, and I accidentally drop his Nendoroid Hatsune Miku.

So I had to purchase my own Miku to replace the broken part 😀 Problem is, I forgot side of her twin tail that broken so I sent it the wrong one…

The next Nendoroid is Saber Lily.

Saber Lily was quite rare that time. I had to purchase opened, but since it cheap and still in good condition, I’m quite happy.

I really want to do another photohunt gathering just like in 2009.

But right now, I gotta mouth to feed, and bill to pay first.

Hopefully, when Covid is over, or at least when we can survive this like no problem at all, we can redo the photohunt gathering.

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