2009 Memory: StarWars Lightsaber

This is a Lightsaber replica from StarWars.

To be more precisely, this is Lightsaber that being used Master Yoda, Luke Skywalker’s Jedi Master.

My friend was an avid fan of StarWars. When he said he want to buy a Force FX Lightsaber from Master Replicas, I was like, oh well, let’s ask him to get me this one too.

This is the smallest and shortest Lightsaber at that time. the humming sound is so loud than any other Force FX Lightsaber.


Where is this lightsaber now?

Unfortunately, money need to come first for putting food on my table. So I had to sell it.

Well, exactly selling like usual. A client asks me to build him a regular size FX Lightsaber with soundboard. But since custom soundboard is still to expensive and difficult to obtain, I offer him to purchase my Lightsaber and put the soundboard into his custom lightsaber.

So the transplantation project begin.

Now, those Lightsabers are unknown, since he is no longer having a contact with me.

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