My First Bicycle

This is my first bicycle that I’ve purchased.

Due to the need of a transportation vehicle in Jakarta, my only option is either motorcycle, or a bicycle.

Since riding a motorcycle is require more training, more money, and other annoying legal stuff, so I decided to just go get a bicycle.

Heist 2.0 is a hybrid bicycle. Using Mountain Bike Frame and fork, an paired with 700c Wheel size that usually being used for a RoadBike.

The result of this combination is, a bicycle that good enough to be used on a gravel road with some comfort, and fast enough like a Road Bike on asphalt.

Usually, a Road Bike are using compact crankset, 50 Teeth on the chainring, and 11 Teeth on the smallest sprocket to produce fast speed that can reach 40 KMH easily.

While in my bicycle, it use 48 Teeth chainring with 12 Teeth on the smallest sprocket.

Since this bicycle is heavier and got lower gear for top speed, it cannot match Road Bike speed, but still fast enough on the road.

Broken lamp pole

I like this scenery

Like you already seen above, this Heist 2.0 bicycle is already heavily customized.

I change the default Freehub set using Novatec Freehub. Since I like the cricket noises on it.

Front suspension fork is replaced with a rigid fork. I painted red because the original color is already fading.

For the accessories, I add front and rear racks.
I need these racks to carry many stuff during my adventure and my work as Bike Messenger that time.

I also install a fender. I need these fenders because, in my area are tend to have random rain. Since I usually go with 25KMH speed, water will always spraying to my back and my legs.

Other change also applied to the steering department.

I change the default flatbar with a drop bar.

Because I use a drop bar, naturally I need to use a Brifter. So I get Shimano Sora R3000 Brifter. I also need to get new sprocket, because the default Heist 2.0 is a 8 Speed sprocket.

Kids are playing soccer on the road.

This bicycle gave me a lot of memories.

My first time doing trip with Heister Facebook group, from Jakarta Old City to Banten Old City (Kotu to Kotu).

My first time doing trip from Jakarta to Bandung.

My first time doing 500KM-ish touring from Jakarta to Yogyakarta.

And my first time, to experience of how it feel to losing your beloved bicycle because someone is decided to treat themself for holiday allowance A.K.A THR during the end of Ramadhan by jump into my house fence and steal my bicycle.

Now, I use the first generation of Heist.

And I’m loving it.

And I think I owe my sister money…

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