Last year I was wandering around to several Hobby Shop, to find Racing Miku 2014 Prize Figure that usually available for UFO Catcher crane game. You see, these kind of figurine are cheap and not as good as a hundred dollars Scale Figure in term of build quality and painting.

But some of it are surprisingly good enough.

And while people in Japan could play UFO Catcher Arcade machine to get these kind of prize, less fortunate people can still buy it.

While I’m wandering around aimlessly, I was surprised to see this Racing Miku 2015 with affordable price. Lying alone on the shop counter, so lonely and need some love.

I don’t have to think twice to snatch this Racing Miku 2015.

It’s a dead cheap, damn it. I guess walking from Grogol Station to Mall Ciputra is worth every drops of my sweat.

Racing Miku 2015

Racing Miku 2015

Racing Miku 2015

I like this angle :3


And I waste one Roll of 36 Frames camera film for this figurine. But since to develope the film into negative  is quite pain in the ass, so I brought my beloved Olympus Pen to take the shots.

Upon opening the box, you will find if this figurine still in separate parts and need to be assembled. It remind me of Nendoroid Petit and other trading figures, only this one is bigger.

Racing Miku

Wrapped in plastic just like Nendoroid Petite

Racing Miku

The Box is around as big as Nendoroid Hoppo. Basically this Miku’s parts are jammed together like a sardine packing at the morning time of Train Station in Japan and Indonesia


The figurine it self is good, but like I already told you before, there are several inferior in build quality and painting.

These are the obvious cons list:

Seam lines.
Yup, since this is a cheap and mass production item, so I guess the company won’t be bother to scrub and polish the seam.

Unpainted Skin
Usualy, a Scale Figure will be painted in matte skin color, or matte coated if the plastic color already identical with the skin color. But this one is not.

Paint bleed.
The paint job is not that great. There are several bleeds around here and there.

Racing Miku 2015

My Photography setup.

Racing Miku 2015

When you forgot to bring your reflector, a piece of paper will do.

Racing Miku 2015

This person (which I forgot to ask his name) came with his Alpha 7. I really want that camera T_T


I took the photos at Taman Menteng.
Probably this Park is the best park to go if you’re living in Jakarta.

Since I arrived nearly at 12, the sun light is on a bad position, so I have to take the photos from shady area. I also using reflector to illuminate some of the dark part. Especially around the eyes, aaaand under her skirt.

I’m a pervert, I know…

Racing Miku 2015

Mandatory shoot, for people who are unfortunate in obtaining this figure and wandering around about her panty style.

Okay, let’s discuss a different point.

In broad daylight, the sun above your head, you will never get this kind of lighting without a reflector.

Without reflector, the area under her skirt will be so dark, as dark as your pathetic future :D

Also, you need a CPL Filter.

This kind of filter will cut some light reflection from the surface of your figurine. And why do we need CPL filter?

Without this filter, your figurine will look too plastic because light reflection will make it glossy. Now, most 100 Dollars class figurines are painted in matte for skin and clothes, but cheap ass figurine does not always got this kind of treatment.


Racing Miku 2015

Standing without base, NICE !

Okay, let’s be honest here. I actually not too fond of fixed pose scale figurine, not only too pricy for me but also eat alot of space.


When I realize it if this Racing Miku 2015 can actually standing without the displaying base, I decided to keep this figurine.


Now lets check it out the detail 

Racing Miku 2015

Front view

Racing Miku 2015

Her left side view

Pay attention to her side waist. See the laces? That is a painting, not a sculpt work. I cannot complain about this when remember the price range.


Racing Miku 2016

Her right side view

Look at the “Max Factory” label on her arm. That is a small decal,  and it still look so detail.


Racing Miku 2015

Body area

The Goodsmile Racing logo is printed nicely on her chest. And Crypton Future Media name also extremely detail for this size.

With naked eyes, you will not be able to read the “Future Media” letters on the Crypton logo.

And like I told you before, there are some flaw here and there. The color gradation from Pink to orange on her vertical seam is suck pretty much :D


Racing Miku 2015

Back leg view

The backside of her stocking is surprisingly painted nicely with minimum paintbleed.

I keep looking at this part because of this :p

However the frontside of her stocking are in the opposite.

Racing Miku 2015

Front legs view


Her Umbrella, which is also her Jousting Lance is suffering the paint imperfection because of the size, price, and molded in one parts.

Multiparts accessories can be painted easily for color separation.

And, again. This is 25$ figurine, don’t expect too much on this.

Racing Miku 2016

Umbrella Lance

Racing Miku 2015

FREEing logo

Here is a curious question…

Why putting the FREEing logo on her ankle?

She’s already wearing ankle guard. The logo will be less visible.

Okay, next…!



Danboard on Nikon F3 film camera

In case you are wondering, this is Yu Pack Danboard  JapanPost version. There are various paint and theme for this Danboard, like Tamiya, Wonder Festival, Amazon, etc.

And that camera is my Nikon F3.

My film camera, not a digital camera. This camera is a professional camera during it’s era, and now serves as collectible-nostalgic item.

Man, when I saw someone actually do own a great condition of F3 by my own eyes at Pasar Baru (a marketplace where you buy and sell used/vintage cameras in Jakarta). I was actually stopped and hoping if  he want to sell his F3 to a store. And when that happen, I was planned to “intercept” him and asking for his price.

But it turn out, he just bought his F3 from a vintage camera shop :(

I was full of envy…


Racing Miku 2015

Her hair is quite good, not the best but I’ve seen the worst of these kind of figurine

Racing Miku 2015

Oh, almost forget. Her Tiara’s antena is a soft plastic. I got it bent inside the box T_T

Racing Miku 2015

Racing Miku 2015

Racing Miku 2015

Racing Miku Danboard Helmet

Living in a big city sometimes could be problematic. When you are looking for good photography spot, like a place full of colorful flower, all you get is green tree.
Well, I’m not saying green tree and plants are bad, but if everything is all green, sometime you really want to see other color than green :D


Okay, thanks for visiting my page. Feel free to drop a comment, I will try to reply you as soon as possible. If your comments are not appear, it mean need my approval, don’t panic. Just wait for my approval :)

Sorry for my bad grammar,  English is not my native language and I’m too lazy to check it.

Also, if you want to see more photos. Just click below here to go to my Flickr page, You could scroll the image below too.

Racing Miku 2015

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