One month before the release date, Bandai finally release the promotional video about PG 1/60 Gundam Unicorn.

The video is amazing, although I saw no impressive improvement from MG to PG, but still acceptable.


Bandai is about to repeat their mistake. The mistake that happened on PG Strike Freedom will be repeated.

Now, enough with the chit-chat and please look at these two videos below:

This one is the scene from the OVA where Unicorn is entering the NT-D Mode (At 0:09)

And this one is from the PV: (At 1:58)

What is the problem?

The problem is, how the face mask revealing the Gundam face.

In the Anime version, the face mask is sliding upward under the hood and revealing the Gundam face.

But in the model kit version, the Gundam head is opening like a jaw, and the face mask is folded under the lower jaw, and the Gundam face is covering the mask. This method already applied on the Master Grade version. Which is incorrect.

Gundam UC

When I heard about the PG version, I was expecting if Bandai will correcting this transformation method. Because the Perfect Grade dimension is bigger and thus leaving enough room to do the “magic”.

But the PV was shocking me.

Bandai is still using the MG version method for the PG version. Once I was disagree when reading a comment about PG 1/60 Gundam Unicorn: this PG is a big version of MG.

Now, like it or not, I have to agree with that guy.


PG 1/60 Strike Freedom Mistake
Before this, I also spotting the fatal mistake on PG 1/60 Strike Freedom.

For Gundam Seed Destiny fans, especially the Strike Freedom, you will know if Strike Freedom got a Beam Cannon at the abdomen area,  like Gundam Virsago.

The MG version only showing the Cannon Muzzle but there is no Cannon Model inside the frame. I was surprised when saw the PG version also got no Cannon Model inside the frame.

Thank God, Bandai did not repeat their mistake with the RG version.

Hopefully Bandai will realize this and correcting the design.


Update (4:53 PM)
While writing this, I also already sending a message to one of Bandai Hobby model kit representative. And surprisingly He replied faster than I thought.

Mr. Kawaguchi said if the method that based on the anime version is possible to be applied on the Model Kit version. However, considering the Model Kit materials, difficulty, and other things, they need to change the transformation method. This was to prevent damage or breaking because of  improper use and or during the assembling process.


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