Behold, another Miku variant that will rip your wallet and yank out all of your money.

Miku Hatsune Swimwear Ver. FamilyMart Color

Miku Hatsune Swimwear Ver. FamilyMart Color

This Nendoroid is a FamilyMart version, but this time Miku is around FamilyMart around the beach. And that’s why she’s wearing swim wear, and diving gadget.

She came with half size box but along with as much as three to five times higher than regular nendoroid price tag.

With total two face plate, greeting happy face and chubby snack munching face. And several accessories like white plastic bag (most likely her stuff from FamilyMart), snack (or whatever that is), and Diving set.


Ini dia, variasi Miku lainnya yang bakal bikin nangis dompet kalian!

Nendoroid ini adalah versi FamilyMart juga, tapi kali ini Miku ada di FamilyMart sekitar pantai. Karena itulah dia pakai baju renang, dan peralatan menyelam.

Packing Nendoroid ini ukurannya setengah dari kotak Nendoroid pada umumnya, tapi harganya bisa mencapai tiga sampai lima kali nendoroid reguler.

Dengan total dua faceplate, muka gembira, dan muka chubby makan kue. Juga beberapa asesoris, seperti kantong kresek putih (paling isinya semua makanan dari FamilyMart), snack (atau apalah), dan peralatan menyelam.

Happy face

Happy face

Nendoroid Miku FamilyMart

Right side

Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Swimwear

Left Side

Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Swimwear

Back Side

Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Swimwear FamilyMart

Swimwear detail, white with blue and green stripes under her black FamilyMart suit

Nendoroid Miku Hatsune

White hair band with green lines

The Snorkel is in white, and yellow on the mouth piece. This part is attached on her right headphone.

Note: You can replace the Snorkel with her regular headphone, this part is included in the box.
Catatan: Snorkel nya bisa dilepas dan diganti dengan headphone regulernya. Part ini juga ada didalam boxnya.

Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Swimwear Familymart

Wristband with Green, White, and Blue lines

nendoroid miku

White Sandals


Now, her chubby munching face.
Sekarang, part chubby ngunyah snacknya kita lihat.

nendoroid miku hatsune swimwear ver.

Munching face, snack on her right, white plastic bag with load of stuff on her left.

nendoroid miku hatsune familimart

The world is in peace, buy and eat whatever you like.


nendoroid miku swimwear ver

Such a happy healthy kid, forget about the problem around you. Just munch and be happy.

nendoroid miku hatsune


nendoroid miku hatsune 339b kuji

She’s probably forgot about her job at FamilyMart. “Oi Miku! Break time is over, get back to your counter….!”


nendoroid miku hatsune swimwear ver.

Miku: “Oh right! I guess I need to go diving then….”

Wait! That’s not it!

Get back to work, girl!

….. (no response)

Oh well… it’s not like I can actually stop her…

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