Probably this is the only event that allow us to sell something for the first time :D

The Nendonesia T-Shirt was supposed to be released here, but the printing company replied if the T-Shirt will available at 5 April 2014. So I have plan on the next T-Shirt for Miku Expo.

But for now, here is the photos:


As always, Nendoroid are photographer bait.

Playing IGO.

I prefer Mahjong. Too bad, no Mahjong table in this event :D

Well, at least there is a Mahjong Tile :)

Love Live fans

Epic, Anime broadcast in University’s white board :D

Each of Binus class room got two projectors, at the front and at the back row. Usually this will be use for lecturing. But now, projecting Anime :D

Speaking about Anime, at the ground floor, there is Anime community. But they are promoting about Anime Bank and people may copying the Anime for free.

This is kinda sad, since these Anime are not public domain and not a free at all actually. These are fansubbed anime, and doing this kind of thing could will give a bad impression.

But who Am I, judging other? So I will say no further.

Snow Miku Poster

Free to play

Another free to play

Custom made table

Miku & Lazy Yui

When I was at the toilet, I saw… a guy… sitting on the floor… polishing his nail with bluish color… cosplaying Miku Hatsune…

Some part of my brain cell are died at that time -_-


Alluring pose

IDIOT No. 9 & Nekonya

Still luring the photographer automatically

People are lining to play the arcade style game on our left

Miku egg

“Water pipe” of Kuroneko

PVC is a common name for us to call a plastic pipe that used in household water distribution network.

Mandatory shot

Yeah, call me pervert. I don’t care…e,e,e,e,e.

Kuroneko in nyan-nyan-nyan


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