I just bought this Lite/Light Novel at Gramedia.
It cost me 50K IDR, kinda pricy. But, it was worth the money.

Penguin Summer

Penguin Summer Cover

Japan Light Novel are rarely translated here, last time I saw a Light Novel, it was not worth the money because the printing quality is suck.

When I was at Gramedia yesterday, I saw this book. And almost popping my eyes out because the price is 5x higher than Manga in here.

But then, there’s a sample that already opened. Surprisingly, this book is using Dust Jacket. I like it!

Color pages

This Novel also got color pages

Penguin Summer's Characters

Colorful Characters introduction

Penguin Summer

Penguin Summer back cover

Penguin Summer Bookmarker

Bookmark bonus, good to keep track on your reading progress

And after I saw the printing quality, I decided to buy it because this kind of book might not appear anymore when it sold out.

If you like to read a novel but with simple and less narration/explanation heavy text, this book is good for you because Light Novel is a dialog driven story. And this is the reason why Light Novel is easy to adapt into an Anime because the script writer task is less burdened :D


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2 thoughts on “Penguin Summer Lite Novel

  • November 16, 2016 at 5:03 am

    What about story? Is interesting?

    • December 13, 2016 at 9:26 pm

      Sorry for my late reply. I just got back from my birth village for some family matter.

      The story is good. Not the best, but good enough for people who love to read a story from different perspective/point of view.
      If you are hoping great mystery or great story telling, you will disappointed. Because the author does not even trying to throw a bait for the reader’s curiosity.


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