This is my video record about MG FigureRise Wild Tiger.

Tiger & Bunny is an Anime about Super Heroes. And these Super Heroes are sponsored by an advertising company to kicking the criminals ass.

Kotetsu T Kaburagi is Wild Tiger, work under Apollon Media advertising company .

He is promoting Softbank, a mobile telecomunication company in Japan (this is a real company). And S.H.Figuarts, an action figure toy line up from Bandai.

His main power is strength, and his right arm can be transformed into gigantic fist, named as Good Luck Mode when his power is nearly run out (he only got 5 minutes when activating his power).

This model kit height is around 23.5 cm. Yes, higher and bigger than average 1/100 MG Gundam. My MG God Gundam even look like a teenager to this Wild Tiger Model Kit :D

Recommended to all of you who love Tiger & Bunny.

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