Summary: In the present day, science comes up with a bio-engineered animal to remedy the two main problems of today society: a dwindling food supply and excessive waste materials. They call it Bio-Meat, the seemingly perfect solution to turn garbage into food. Bred to eat and replicate at alarming rates, you can guess what may happen if that self-replicating, endlessly hungry killing machine got loose on an unsuspecting populace. (taken from Manga Traders)

Completed in 12 volumes, Bio-Meat Nectar is a manga created by Fujisawa Yuki (Region, El El, Metro Survive). Like the summary said, Bio-Meat (or BM) is an artificial living being that will eat almost everything, and is edible. Also capable of replicating (each BM is said to contain 5-8 embryos that will grow and split as they eat) in short amount of time, one can only imagine the disaster if they got out from the facility.

The stories on BM got divided into three arcs, and to be honest, each arcs only make us wonder how human can be so stupid.

The first arc tell us about the first outbreak (original BM), also introduce us to the main character(s).

Second arc begin with the characters growing up and introduce us to a new type of BM, called USBM (I’ll let you find out what USBM means :p)

Third arc? Well… this is where everything gone from bad to worse, including the ending of the series of course.

The core concept on this series in my opinion is, about how human shouldn’t try to make an artificial living beings like that, with almost no way to control it when it break loose (The outbreak happened three times, and every time it happened, it gets worse). Though the human always find a way to get through it in the end (showing how human beings are very persistence).

Art is good enough, I love how the artist draw their expression (especially when one of them is in a depressed state), and how he(she) make the character difference enough as they grow up, while still retaining their child self.

Most character will either make you love or hate them, but I bet you’ll sympathize with some of them in the end (with an exception to the real jerk till the end of course).

Story and dialogue flows good, with some humor here and there to light up the tension a bit. Each arc is more or less a repetition (development, introduction, outbreak, resolution), it’s not bad, but it’s sure showed us about how can human be so over confident,  overly stupid, and underestimating something.

Is it recommended? Yes if you like the genre horror/disaster/tragedy like me, but I won’t recommend this to people with weak stomach though, the picture of people being eaten/swarmed with BM is quite… something.

And that’s all for now… I’m trying to find a good pic, but haven’t found good one! XD

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