I thought this was another type of Chuunibyou. But it turn out become reality…

Jyashin Chan DropKick

Jyashin Chan DropKick

Met Yurine, a gothic lolita girl + eye patch on her left. She’s also delusional girl, just like Rikka in Chuunibyou, but in this story… one of her delusional became reality.

Yurine was accidentaly summoning a “Lamia” girl from Demon world. This girl is cute but half of her lower body is a snake…. okay, cobra… (I don’t care, still a snake to me…).

This Demon snake girl name is Jyashin (Jashin).

Since she’s was summoned without any of her concern, she want to go back to Demon world. The problem is, Yurine cannot send her back because she’s don’t know how.

The only easy way to send Jyashin back to Demon world is when Yurine is died/killed. So, this is a story about Jyashin and Yurine’s daily life. A story of Jyashin failed attempt to kill Yurine and always back fired (remember Road Runner and Coyote?).

This is a comedy drama manga. Each chapter tend to show Jyashin attempt to kill Yurine, and then failed, and then punished by Yurine mercilesly.

The amount of violence in this manga is quite high, so this is not a children or teenager’s reading material. Although most of the violence are comedic but still can causing problem when “idiots” are attempting to do the same thing in the manga. The author/publisher even putting a note in some of the violence panel.

Up until now, Jyashin already chopped (her tail), electrocuted, bitch slapped, slammed, and stabbed to bleeding.

Human casualty count are 2: First, an unknown noisy visitor who got silenced by Jyashin. Second, a dead stone cursed otaku by Medusa cuteness.

Animal casualty count is 1: A bambi like deer who accidentally got “rider kicked” by Jyashin.

Currently already in 6 chapters, each chapters are less than 15 pages, so this is an easy reading and painless because the story is straight forward, without any graphical & scenery bullshit that any manga author use in order to make more pages or stalling the story.

You can read the manga at your regular doze of mangascan, or you could visit the original source of the manga:



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