Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai, or we could just called this anime as Chuunibyou. Are an eight grader syndrome (fansub translation), basically a syndrome that occur during your junior high school. And what is this syndrome like?



This is a syndrome of delusional and overly imagination in someone’s mind.

And what are the cause?

Various things, family background, social relationship & environment, medical history, cultures, trending stuff, histories, entertainment, etc.

May be you like a story about Demon, about Demon World, about Demon Lord. And one (or more) of those stories somehow got the same background like your own experience. May be, you are the descendant of Demon Lord?

And may be you are kind of person who got high curiosity, and deciding to gather data, records, information regarding this Demon things and yourself and end you to a conclusion “Dafug man, I am a Demon Lord’s descendant!”

And then, you declaring yourself as the descendant of Demon Lord and start act accordingly.

Congrats, you are in eight grader Syndrome, have fun :)


Rikka Takanashi

Rikka Takanashi (Wicked Eye)

This anime is about a boy named Yuuta Togashi, he got his syndrome at Junior high school and claimed him self a Dark Flame Master. Because of that, he start to act, and wearing stuff like Dark Flame Master based on what is in his mind.

Then, for unknown reason, he is decided, enough is enough. “I cannot life in this embarrassment and wanted to forget those DFM things and move on.”

So he choose a far away High School to avoid people from recognizing him and his “embarrassing behavior”. But surprise, surprise, he is not the only one who got this problem, and also facing the same problem from another that still in their Chuunibyou syndrome.

Meet Rikka Takanashi and Sanae Dekomori. Two crazy girls (if I may say) with their Chuunibyou.

Rikka, is a cute girl with eye patch on her right, and she is claimed herself as Wicked Eye (fansub translation), got a gold/yellow eye collor in her right (a contact lens). While Sanae is the wielder of Mjolnir Hammer, the Wicked Eyes’ servant.

Sanae Dekomori

Sanae Dekomori (Mjolnir Hammer)

While Yuuta is trying so hard to recover his wound from his “previous life”, those two girls (especially Rikka) are keep scratching it. Yuuta is always frustrated when they do that.

Then, meet Shinka Nibutani. A beautiful girl, class rep, and of course quite famous. Just like Yuuta, Shinka is trying to “hide” her syndrome. She was claimed herself as Mori Summer/Forest Summer. Unlike Yuuta who can stop Rikka by force and violence, Shinka cannot stand when someone is reading her writing as Mori Summer. Especially when Sanae is the one who trolling her.

Shinka Nibutani (Mori Summer/Forrest Summer)

Shinka Nibutani (Mori Summer/Forrest Summer)

And last but not least, meet Kumin Tsuyuri, their senior. Unlike the other, Kumin got no Chuunibyou at all. She’s just happy go lucky girl who always “flowing with the stream”.

Those five are creating a group/circle with different reason. Rikka and Sanae wanted to establish a base at school, Shinka wanted to get rid of the Mabinogion book (a book of collective Mori Summer’s post from the Internet) to prevent leaking information about her. While Kumin, she’s originally want to create a nap club, but since no one is willing to join in, so she’s merged with Rikka’s club.

The original name is “Far Eastern Magic Society”, Then after merging with Kumin, it became “Far Eastern Magic Nap Society”. And then, after Shinka is join in the group, the group name became: “Far Eastern Magic Nap Society of Summer

And Yuuta… Why is he joining the group? Well,let’s considered if he is a civillian victim from a war among nations :D


Kumin Tsuyuri (nap club)

Kumin Tsuyuri (nap club)

Although this anime might ridiculous, but this Chunibyou theme are actually real. Yes, many teenagers and adult are actually got this syndrome, especially for them with high interest and curiosity about something. And as for easy example, manga and anime related in real life.

I my self actually got my Chuunibyou when I was at 6.

In my childhood, my first animated film is Mask (not Jim Carrey’s The Mask). I was amazed of a sedan car with the flying ability, or a truck that can shot lasers from the exhaust pipes, or a motorcycle can turning into a helicopter.

In the show, the heroes are wearing unique helmet. I was like, “let’s build those, I’m also Mask member!”

So, I use cardboard boxes, newspapers, clipping plastic, glue and strapless to create the helmet of the truck driver. It was a Masterpiece! If I may say.


Rikka is starting the delusional world

Rikka is starting the delusional world

Fighting her older Sister who wielding a gigantic ladle that can shots lighting

Fighting her older Sister who wielding a gigantic ladle that can shots lighting

Fighting against Sanae

Fighting against Sanae

Attacking Sanae

Attacking Sanae

Then, Saint Seiya was aired in our cable TV for the first time. And again, “Ooooh, I’m one of the Saints! But I got no cloth at all because I’m not from Greek, what to do, what to do?”

At the later episodes, I saw if some of the saint are not wearing mythical clothes, instead, they are using clothes with technology. This was inspired me to make my own version of the cloth. Since I got no access on metal diecasting, so I use my good old cardboard boxes. I successfully create a Cyguss like Bronze Cloth, of course, I cannot call it Bronze Cloth, I call it Cardboard Cloth…. Close enough, better than nothing.


When Gatchaman is aired, (the USA version). I was believe if I can be a Gatchaman too. Not only that, I start to recruit personel in my class, I even using Sarung as my cape and start practicing my self in running, jumping and avoiding obstacle (my version of Parkour). It was great, it even build a courage inside me, I’m not that afraid with some bully kids in my class anymore.


Then, a turning point is reaching onto me.

During my happy delusional days, one of my neighbor (mature female), saw me wearing the Cardboard armor and Mask helmet in front yard. With flat yet cruel intonation she said ” bocah gila” (mentally disorder boy).

I feel like an arrow just piercing my chest. My parent is amazed with my creativity, my friend is praising my idea of cardboard gadget and armors, but this lady…. I got no mental disorder, but why she said that to me?

Do I need to ignore those “bad” people? I decided to mind my own business and ignore it. Even I’m not sure if this is a good decision, because Manga and Anime related stuff are still considered as child stuff by almost everyone in this country during that time.


Until today, that lady words still haunting me.

You know, I really want to cosplay. But that lady words always prevent me from doing that. I saw some people wearing Kamen Rider helmet (no costum) and walking around with regular clothes, I really want to do that too. But every time I want to design a Gundam helmet, I always remember when I’m wearing Mask helmet during that day…


What happen to me is just a small example of Chuunibyou. You might also got this syndrome, may be not as bad as Rikka and Sanae, may be not as bad as mine, but from some point there’s a sign of this syndrome in you.


What is in Rikka's mind

What is in Rikka’s mind

The reality (of course, reality is suck)

The reality (of course, reality is suck)

This anime also took several references, like NES/Famicom Contra’s 30 life secret code, Evangelion, etc.

Chuunibyou is very recommended for you who seeking a new kind of comedy drama (episode 6 is kinda gloomy, though). If you are thinking if the animation coloring and characters are somehow is resembling K-ON, you are correct. Because Kyoto Animation is the studio in charge for this anime.



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