Seeing Iron Man movie, I have an idea to create battle damage LBX.

Battle Damage Pandora

Battle Damage Pandora

In the Anime, LBX was rarely got battle damage because they mostly exploded, especially in the second season, Break Over is rarely seen.

So, when I saw the episode where Ami is dealing with Hanzo, I decided to create a diorama where Pandora is winning again Hakai-O Z.

Hanzo said if Pandora, LBX with high agility and speed is the worst enemy of Brawler type LBX, in this case Hakai-O Z.

And what happen when they meet in a tournament?

Battle Damage

Battle Damage

Of course, before we go to the diorama, I need to create a battle damage for Pandora.

The idea is, Pandora is won the Tournament but Hakai-O Z is giving her tons of problem by damaging her armor.

Damage shoulder armor

Damage shoulder armor

Hakai-O Z is trying to attack pandora’s legs and any of her mechanical joints. But Ami knew this already, so even her armor is damaged so badly, she still managed to protect the internal frame of Pandora.

I use xacto knife, small saw, and nail clipper to create the damage.

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