Being together with Nendonesia community probably one of the best experience that I ever had. As Jakarta Division admin, I have a lot of fun (although I almost never doing my job as admin :D).

Look at this.

Miku Yukata ver

YEAH! Miku Yukata version in front of my  eyes! If you love Miku Hatsune and didn’t go to AFAiD, you’ll be sorry for the rest of your live because Miku Hatsune Yukata Version is so gorgeous.

We almost failed to bring the display case because suddenly, our truck was unavailable. But lazypioneer seems not that lazy at all, he’s eventually delivered the display case, along with me.

All right, where’s my manner…? I must help my friend prepared the booth.

Wait, I already carrying that big heavy case, so I have a right to…slacking off……….. Or not…

Our booth

Here is our booth, after gathering money with  crowd funding, we finally got enough fund to hire this 3×3 meter booth. Yay!

I only need to turn to the left and…voila

Danny Choo's booth

Danny Choo’s booth is near us

The Nendoroid

The Nendoroid

This is some of the Nendoroid that we’re carried here. A lot more to come.

And guess who is our neighbor?

Figmania booth

Figmania booth

Figmania and Nendonesia actually came from the same source of birth. Thank God we can open our booth along side.


And suddenly, LazyPioneer, my friend is running some where. I was like “Dude! We still got ton of thing to do!“. But then…

Kagamine Rin

Kagamine Rin

Kagamine len

Kagamine Len

Signed Nendoroid Kagamine Rin & Len by Aki Takanori, GoodSmileCompany’s big boss.

lazypioneer, you’re one luck bastard :D

The Loading Day is over, so we’re going home, waiting for tomorrow morning. I cannot sleep at home, tried to listen a lot of boring music, I still cannot sleep.

In the early morning, I awaken and prepared for the first day of Anime Festival Asia Indonesia.


To be Continued



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