Today, I go to Jakarta Japan Ennichisai 2012. Basically, it’s a Japanese Matsuri in Indonesia.

Unlike last year, I feel lonely in the middle of swarming people. Why? Because, I go out from my home around 12, but arrieved there at 3 PM. Feeling so tired and in a bad mood because got stuck in the traffic, while I keep standing in the bus for 3 hours.


After I delivered my friend’s item that I bought for him from Ebay, I go and taking several photos. I guess, today’s Ennichisai is no different than last year, generally.

Since I came very late, I cannot met with my friend. So I decided to wandering around. I see some interesting stuff, like this one.

Pocari Sweath providing AKB48 song, you can dance in this game. You and your friend must make a synchronous movement to gain good score. As you can see, some dudes are even trying this game.

I also see some Japanese dudes are cross dressing, probably cosplaying the AKB48. Kudos for those two.

At 5PM I feel so tired.  After failed to find someone that I know, I decided to go home.

2.5 hours later, I arrived at home, doing Anime Marathon, and then write this :)

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