While I’m waiting for the card’s illustration. I was doing another thing, many moon ago, I was in passionate with Game Programming. But since I got lack of computer spec and suitable Game Engine, I just let my interest is sleeping for good.

But now, I just met with promising Game Engine. This Game Engine is Unity3D, while I can’t say if this one is the best (because lack of several basic features that I need, and those features are supposed to be available), but currently, this Game Engine is my choice.

Vertical Shooting Milestone

I’m not going to tell you about how great this Engine is, because this post is not a Game Engine review. Instead, I’m showing you my milestone of the game.

My Game Project is a vertical shooting game. This game is similar to Touhou, Mushihime Sama, Raiden, etc.  Of course, my game is not as good as those title, but at least, I can try to make it better.

Currently, I’m still dealing about the Game Pausing glitch. I hit the pause button but  the character (the white sphere) still moving when I push arrow key on my keyboard.

Note: Chuw Chuw Chuw is how I interpret the sound of laser into a word :D


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