The reason why I bought this game is… On sale for a dead cheap price :D


I actually know about this game a year ago, but my interest still on hold because I was busy doing something else. Then, when I start to reopen my old game project, I decided to get some simple shooting game for a reference.

My first try is Waves, the demo version is available on Steam so I give a shot. After several times playing this game, I decided if I like it and about to hit the buy button. But then, I remember if I currently playing on a Cyber Cafe, with high spec CPU, while in my home, I only got low end laptop.

So I go back at home, fire up the installation, but only to find out if this game is run for… 1 frame per second… (or something like that)

I was like WTF?! This is just a simple game with full of circles and spheres! Why it wont run in my laptop?! I was wondering for several minutes and my programmer mind start to kick in “I need to find the Game Engine of this game!”

So, it turn out, Waves is using UDK. Damn, this Game Engine already scared me off few weeks ago because when I’m about to download this Engine, it shows me 1.5 Giga Bytes file size. Wow, I’m not going to download this Game Engine, no matter how good this Engine.

Then Unity came to me, and surprisingly I remember about Ballistic. “Wait, isn’t Ballistic is developed using Unity? Unity is run in decent speed in my laptop! Ow shit, Ballistic’s on sale…!”

Ballistic and Waves is a same type of game. A twin stick shooter, or I usually called as a “shooting 360 degree”. You need to use two sticks (that’s why it called Twin Stick), or just a keyboard and mouse. Use your WASD key to move your ship/ball/character/whatever and your mouse to aim your bullet.

The good point of Wave is, the music. Man, I love the music! Also, there’s a thin laser beam pointing outward from your ball in Waves. This is actually help me a lot to figure it out were is my mouse pointing at. Because, when so many object spawning around you, you might not have any moment to look at your mouse cursor position.

Waves mouse cursor also will follow your ball movement. It mean, when you moved your ball, as long as you did not move your mouse, the cursor position will move along with the ball.


And what about Ballistic?

Ballistic, surprisingly, harder than Waves in term of gameplay. But at the same time, it got a nice feature. Unlike Waves, Ballistic got weapon customization. You can choose a weapon enhancement, for example: Rapid Fire. This will make you shots more bullets than normal. Or, a Homing Bullet, this will make your bullets flying toward your target and you don’t have to aim it at all.

Beside the price tag (that currently on sale), I find out, if Ballistic is not using account session to play this game. Basically, after you purchase the game, download and install, you can play the game without the need to log in to your account. You can move the game from one computer to another without being bothered with account authorization.

Oh, when I said, move the game, it mean I moved the game. Not copying the game from one CPU to another, that’s piracy.

The only annoying thing in ballistic is, no beam guide. And the mouse cursor did not move along with the ball. Other than that, everything is good. I recommended this game for all of you who got low spec CPU, and love challenge

Update: The mouse cursor in Ballistic can be configured to follow the ball. This is good :)


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